...My attempt at Doctor Who Fanfic...

I've always been disappointed by the "almost relationships" on Doctor Who. So, now I'm going to write some Fanfic to fill in the blanks. In my world the Doctor deserves some lovin'!

I do not own the rights to any Doctor Who characters or images... I'm just paying them homage!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Steamy File Two: Between ‘Tooth and Claw’ and 'School Reunion'

Steamy File Two: Between ‘Tooth and Claw’ and 'School Reunion'

Rose trailed behind the Doctor and nearly ran into him as he paused to hang his coat up. They howled together like a pair of nutty werewolves, laughing until tears leaked out of their eyes, and Rose got the hiccups.

"Oh, come on! The human body is amazing!" The Doctor said getting to his knees and starring at Rose, as if he could see right inside of her. "Your diaphragm is contracting making your lungs spread and hitch!" He traced his fingers over her stomach, and Rose could feel their pressure through her shirt. The Doctor pressed his ear to her body and looked up with a goofy grin. "The trachea closed with lightning speed, interrupting your air flow, and here they are! Marvelous!"

Rose released the air she'd been holding since the Doctor had started touching her. Hesitating she rested her hands on his head and tangled her fingers in his hair. "It looks like they're gone now...holding my breath and all that" She brushed his hair softly,"All that excitement got to me...which reminds me! If you don't pay up on that bet I will NOT be amused!" Rose laughed doing her best Queen Victoria.

It had the opposite effect then she had planned. The Doctor's face transformed from it's flirtatious smirk to a concerned frown.

"I was only talking about the 10 quid," she said blushing, letting him stand up, "I wasn't impling anything..."

"Oh, Rose.." he scoffed kissing her on the forehead, "You never have to explain yourself to me, but I am disappointed." He said, then after seeing her face fall, added quickly "Only because I never got to see you in one of Lady Torchwood's dresses!"

He pranced around holding up invisible skirts and curtsying like a lunatic. He grabbed Rose, spinning her into a dance, and dipping her every few spins.

"So how bout it?" He said bowing to her gallantly

"How bout what? You nutter!"

"Why don't you pop on over to the closet and find something a little more..." His eyes raked her body, "Uncomfortable! I'll just be here figuring a few things out. After all you can't get banned from a kingdom in the past, and not have that affect your future in some way.."

Rose left the Doctor fiddling with a piece of the console that looked suspiciously like a video game joy stick. It didn't bother her that he had created this fashion show as a distraction. He needed to get some work done, and the way he was tapping his lower lip, tipped Rose off that he was more nervous then he let on. It was easy for her to forget that their journeys had consequences, and that sometimes they might catch up with them.

After 20 min of searching Rose found the closet. She marked it's location on her mental map, and as she stood in front of the door the smell of chlorine gently tickled her noise. Two turns from the pool and a heck of a lot farther from her bedroom.

The door clicked closed behind her, cutting off the chemical smell, and the lights faded on.  It was like a moment in the movies, when the hero finally discovers the hidden treasure and it is slowly illuminated for dramatic effect. It seemed like the TARDIS had a flare for the theatrical, because this was a room Rose never wanted to leave.

There were rows of racks with every kind of outfit you could imagine, spiraling up into the cathedral ceilings. On closer inspection Rose realized they weren't just costumes you'd get at the local fancy dress store. These were impeccably made, so much so that Rose started pushing aside the outfits looking for all the alien seamstresses. She pulled back, giggling to herself, and stopped dead when a familiar shimmer of black caught her eye. She grabbed on to the jacket, bringing it to her in one swift greedy movement. It was him. She shrugged on the familiar leather, pushing the too long sleeves up around her elbows, and then resumed her search for the perfect ensemble.

To Rose it felt like only a few moments, but when she finally opened the door to her bedroom, arms filled with garments, the clock showed that more then an hour had passed. She wasn't concerned that the Doctor would be missing her, no, he wouldn't have even noticed if she was gone all night. It was just part of who he was. Everything comes seconds to matters of time. She would always be the mistress.

Looking in the mirror now... she really did look like a mistress. One of those old time madams who ruled the saloons and watched over the ladies of the night. The dress was red with a black sequined overlay, and a corset that clung tight all the way up to the bottom of her breasts...which were now pushed up, framed, and barley covered by a double layer of hand made lace. She could see the outline of her nipples through the fabric, and the realization made them hard with anticipation.

"Oh, Doctor, you are a naughty boy" Rose rotated slowly taking in her appearance, "When would someone wear this...other then to have it removed immediately."

The skirt was short in the front held up by two red velvet garters that connected to the corset, and the sheared bustle in the back only enhanced Rose's personal assets. The same lace that toped her bosoms lined the circumference of the skirt, and tickled the back of her thin calves. Her eyes traveled down the length of her body, and stopped abruptly at her bare feet.

"Aw, bugger. I forgot the shoes." She said blowing a loose bang out of her eyes. "I guess I'll just have to rush back, and find some."

Rose knew this wasn't the outfit he was expecting, and she had planned on changing into some of the other outfits she had grabbed after she had picked out some shoes. She hadn't planned on leaving the room and running directly into the Doctor.

"Ooohhh, yes! Look at you Rose Tyler!" he said holding her upper arms in his graceful hands. "You little devil. Imagine if the Great Queen Victoria had seen you in this! She wouldn't be breathing, let alone amused!"

"I didn't think you would come looking for me..." her shock at seeing him had momentary made her forget about the get-up, but she was feeling the heat rise over her skin as his eyes took her in.

"You took a long time, my dear." He pulled at the lace of her strap. "I got tired of waiting, and oh you are a beauty..."

Rose's whole body had turned the same scarlet of the dress, and she tried to cover her tingling nipples, attempting to escape from his grasp.

"I...was....I was just going to pop over for some shoes..." his eyes raked her body hungrily... "I'll just.....go right back and...and"

She twisted trying to turn away from him, but stopped when his eyes suddenly shot up to her face. They were so dark they were almost black, but it wasn't the usual anger that shadowed those beautiful eyes...it was barely contained passion.

"No." He said with all the force of his years. "This time there is nowhere to go."

The Doctor pushed Rose back against the door, pinning her body with his own. His mouth captured hers in a hungry kiss, filled with years of denied desires. His teeth tugged at her full bottom lip and she sighed filling him with her sweet breath. The strength of their connection made Rose weak and she wrapped her arms around his neck as his mouth trailed kisses down her neck, leaving her gasping.

His hands moved up to cup her breasts, and he teased her through the delicate fabric. He kissed a line down from her throat stopping at the hemline of her blouse. Very slowly he pulled down the flimsy lace covering her, letting the rough texture send shivers through her body, and exposing her pink flesh to the open air. Rose realized how cold the TARDIS was, but it was a fleeting thought for soon the Doctor's mouth had captured the sensitive area sending heat out in spirals.

"Oh, lord...Doctor... is this one of those spots...you were talking about?" Rose was having trouble getting a straight thought out of her head.

He stopped his work momentarily and looked up at her with that crooked grin.

"I can tell you, with all honesty," slowly he ran his tongue over her swollen nipple, sending her head back with a silent ripple of pleasure, "that this... is all me." Winking at her he went back to his work.

Rose was making noises she had never heard before, and when she wrapped her right leg around him, feeling his excitement against her...she knew she had to take things into her own hands. She reached down in the small space between their bodies, and grasped at the buttons on his trousers. Managing to undo the clasp and zipper, she pushed it all down around his ankles, and took him in her hands. Fighting against her own waves of pleasure, she ran both hands down the length of him, and was rewarded with a deep gruff groan, followed by a surprised nibble...

"My dear Rose, why do I feel as if the power has just shifted?" He stopped his exploration of her upper half and captured her mouth once again.

The kiss turned fiery as Rose continued to stroke him hard, and he teased her mouth with his tongue, gently pinching her nipple between thumb and forefinger. The delicious pressure increased the pace of her ministrations and he released a guttural moan that vibrated against her lips. The Doctor braced himself against the sides of her door frame, and nuzzled into the crook of her neck, breasts forgotten. Continuing her work, Rose gently massaged his balls and explored the length of him relishing in each moan of pleasure.

"Doctor," She whispered  desperately, as he started to thrust involuntarily in her hand. "Wait for me, I want you to cum inside of me. I want you inside me."

"I... mmm" His knuckles whitened as she moved both hands to his sensitive organ tightening her grip. He chanted her name like a prayer, "Rose, Rose, Rose... it's been so long."

Rose was so enjoying the feel of him. Experimenting with what sort of touches pulled a reaction, and what made him squirm. She created a tight ring with her fingers and drew them up and down changing her pressure, at different intervals. In a moment of inspiration she added her nails to the process, lightly grazing them against his cock. The Doctor bucked against her and Rose realized she had misjudged his resolve...

"Hold on my Doctor," she growled.

Gasping, he cupped her face kissing her hard. His lips pulled tight over gritted teeth, as he tried to regain control. Rose held on tight, feeling his pulse racing against her lips and fingers. Losing the fight, he came hard, pressing her impossible further against the metal door. Heat rolled off him as he exhausted his load. She could feel it leaving tickling trails down her leg. Releasing his grip on her face, he leaned heavily against her, his breath slowing to it's normal rhythmic pace.

"I'm sorry." He said loosing the usual assurance in his voice, and casting his glance to the floor. "Denying something to yourself for so long...and then letting yourself have it. I couldn't..."

"It's alright," She said sliding her hands under his shirt, and hugged him to her. "I got carried away. I've wanted to touch you, feel you, for so long"

"I lost control...I am so used to being in control." Avoiding her eyes, he ran his figures through his hair in frustration, "You drive this body crazy, Rose Tyler. I felt it in the last one, but not so strongly!"

Shivering he pulled away from her, redressed, and slid down the wall elbows on his knees, and head in hands. Rose replaced the lace of her dress and wrapped herself in his discarded jacket.

"It's like your kiss is constantly on my lips." He said trying hard not to look at her mouth, " and  it's... it's very distracting!"

They laughed together for a brief moment relaxing into comfortable silence. 

"We can't keep having these sneak attack encounters, my dear." He said standing up and offering her his hand.

Rose looked at him with crossed arms. "You can't blame me for this one! I was just walking out of my room, and you starting snogging me!" Releasing his fingers she shrugged out of his jacket, and shoved it toward him playfully.

"Well, what did you expect me to do! You wandering around looking like that, you minx." shoving his arms into his jacket he pinched the air near her bum. "New rule! New TARDIS rule! No walking the corridors in half dresses, deal?"

"Deal!" She said shaking on it, and pulling him forward into a kiss.

"I'm going to regret making that rule, aren't I?" He said against her lips, before softly kissing her again.

"It's almost a definite," pulling away she sauntered off in the direction of the loo, inviting his eyes to linger on her backside with a swish of her hips. "Take a good look, big boy, because this isn't happening again!"

Stopping at the corner she faced him one final time, and struck a pose.  Leaning back against the wall with one leg bent, her ass angled up, back arched, and boobs out the Doctor drank her in, trying to commit every detail to memory. She did a little shimmy as she turned the corner and his enthusiastic whistles and cat calls were the last thing she heard before rounding the corner and slipping into the restroom.

End of File

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Steamy File One: Between ‘New Earth’ and ‘Tooth and Claw’

Steamy File One: Between ‘New Earth’ and ‘Tooth and Claw’

The TARDIS whirred, blinking out of existence, leaving behind a square imprint and the crisp scent of flattened apple grass. The residents of New New York wouldn’t miss them, they would be busy cataloging the new spices, and figuring out how to handle the Sisters of Plenitude. It would be difficult, considering the nuns had just healed the Duke of Manhattan; Rose didn’t envy them and the next steps they would need to take.

“Whoa,” Rose said plopping down, stretching her legs across the gap, and resting her feet on the console. “If that wasn’t the oddest thing, then I don’t know what is.”

“Oh, the sisters are a bit of a shock at first, but I doubt we’ll run into them again, at least not for awhile.” The Doctor ducked left and right under Rose’s legs circling the controls and hitting, pulling, smashing, twisting, and squinting at the different screens. “Yes, I'd wager they’ll be locked up for a long time.”

A shiver ran up Rose’s limbs, as the Doctor’s tousled hair brushed the back of her legs in rhythmic succession. It wasn’t the short hair she had so often brushed with her fingertips, nose filled with the musky scent of leather, as she held onto her Doctor…this Doctor…THE Doctor. It was still strange adjusting to his new form, but as Lady Cassandra had so eloquently put, she thought this new one was foxy, and Rose couldn’t help but notice it now. He was wrapped up in his TARDIS, and this body had a boyish way about it that made the Doctor seem younger then his previous self.

“I wasn’t talking about the kitties,” Rose smirked, capturing the doctor between her knees as he attempted another duck under, “I meant having “the last pure human” swimming around inside my head, and treating me like a bleeding meat puppet!”

The Doctor rested his hands on Rose’s knees, taking a momentary break from his tinkering, and leaned back against the controls. “Oh that’s rich! How do you think I feel! I’ve had this body for all of a few days, and I’ve already had to share it!”

Rose stiffened, inadvertently squeezing the Doctor tighter between her calves, remembering the kiss she had shared with the Doctor…and Cassandra. When the Lady’s consciousness had taken over her body it felt like Rose was watching herself on TV. She could observe what was happening, but all of her other senses were turned off. She couldn’t smell, feel, or taste anything... but the Doctor. The minute their lips  met, Rose had been able to gain a bit of control.  The kiss didn't feel like she had imagined, but that was because she had been sharing the experience. Next time she wouldn’t be.

“Come now, Doctor, nothing like a good snog after almost dying.” Looking down Rose grabbed the Doctor’s hand. She interlaced their fingers and examined his soft pale skin “This hand still freaks me out, there isn’t a scar on it. Tell me Doctor do your fingerprints change? When you do?”

“Of course,” he took his other hand off her leg and examined it in the dim green light “I’m still trying to figure out what kind of man I am, Rose. I don’t give second chances, I’m rude, not ginger, and now I have this never ending craving to run. My memories are all here, but I’m still not sure how this body will react to things.”

He gave her hand a quick squeeze and began to pull away, but before he could completely disconnect their fingers, Rose tugged them towards her chest. The Doctor pitched forward, converse squeaking on the floor. His free hand shot out to brace himself on the chair’s headrest, and now their noses were almost touching. Rose noticed that his eyes had changed from blue to a warm brown similar to her own, and were looking into hers with an expression he had never allowed her to see before.

“Doctor,” she whispered, her breath tickling his lips, “How is your body reacting to this.”

In truth, Rose knew. She could feel it on the inside of her thigh. He’d been reacting to her since she had pinned him in place.

“My current impulse is to…run,”

Rose’s heart dropped, was this version of the Doctor going to keep her at arms length, just like the old one had?

“But as we established, I am also rude...” The Doctor pulled his hand from hers and cradled her face. “Very, very, rude…”

He pulled Rose up until she was sitting straight, her legs now straddling him as they dangled from the seat. He found a better footing and arched her neck up to meet his waiting lips. She had expected him to capture her parted mouth, but instead he kissed her jaw moving up its length to capture her earlobe.

“You know there is a planet in the Lotus Nebula,” he said, running his finger gently behind Rose’s ear, along her hairline, all while gently kissing her neck. “Where researchers have discovered over 8 places on the human body that cause a similar reaction to The Gräfenberg Spot.”

Rose barely had time to figure out what he was referring to before the Doctor seized her arm. He began drawing intricate patterns on the crease of sensitive skin that lies between the forearm and the bicep. With each circle and twist Rose’s breathes became shorter and faster, and waves of pleasure pulsed out from where his fingers worked. After, what seemed like hours, she could no longer resist the urge to lock her legs around him. His excitement was even more noticeable now that he was pinned to her, and finally claiming his mouth with hers, she gyrated slowly drawing a gasp from him. The Doctor wasn’t so easily distracted, however; and he continued his work until she began to shake and constrict securing him impossibly tighter between her legs.

He used this secure connection to lift her up and pin her between himself and the edge of the console. Then trailing his hands down her back, he let them rest on her hips. The Doctor smirked at her as she braced her arms behind her in anticipation.

“Number 8, check. Do you want to find out what 7 will do to you?” He laughed as she nodded with an expression glazing over in desire. “Alright, Rose Tyler. I’ll see what I can do…”

He pushed her up to get a better grip, and as he did her bum nudged the fourth lever in a line of six. The TARDIS tipped, tossing them both to the ground, and when the Doctor helped her up, without even taking his eyes away from the main screen, Rose could tell she had lost him.

“I’m guessing whatever is on there doesn’t have anything to do with number 7, does it?” Rose asked, hating the whining tone that had pushed through the statement.

“Sadly not, but it does in fact involve numbers…1, 9, 7, and 9!” He said beginning his tinkering once more. He reached around her to push a big orange button, and then started as if he hadn't even noticed she was there.  “Why are you still standing there?! Go get changed we are heading to the year 1979!”

Rose didn’t dawdle, but stared at her arm in awe, as she headed for her room. It was clear now that she would never underestimate that body part again. Still, she couldn’t help but let out a sigh in frustration over being stopped when they were so very close… Her exasperation earned an echoed response from the control room.

“Do not fear, my Rose. We will pick this up again soon. After all, we have all the time in the universe.”

With the promise, that what had just happened wasn’t going to be a one-time opportunity, Rose begun to feel the excitement that came with each new adventure. The 70s was always an era she had connected with, who didn’t love a night at the disco?

She threw the contents of her pack across the floor, searching for the perfect polyester ensemble. However, with her limited selection she had to settle on a jean jumper with black leggings, boots, and a purple short-sleeved shirt underneath. It may not have been “hip to the jive,” but it was better then nothing, and she was hoping she wouldn’t be wearing it for very long anyway…

The Doctor's trousers had gone back to their normal size, but Rose thought nothing of it as she showed him her outfit twirling around and asking, “What do you think of this? Will it do?”

He glanced at her briefly and went back to fiddling with another part of the system, “For the late Nineteen Seventies you’d be better off in a bin bag. Hold on just a min…”

End of File

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rose Bud

So, I've been watching Doctor Who for years now, and I can honestly say its my favorite show. Whovians who have been there from the beginning know better then most, there is heart break in almost every relationship on this show. Don't get me wrong, there is not a thing I would change about the way they do it. I understand why the Doctor can't stay with a single companion forever, and I wouldn't want to watch the show if he did... but a girl can dream, and there is a lot of time on the TARDIS that isn't accounted for.

This is just an experiment for me (I have never written fanfic)... and I'm pretty sure no one will ever read it, but I plan on writing a scene whenever I can.

I'll post later this week...Allons-y!